Le Kilt is a fashion brand that creates traditional classic pieces inspired by founder, Samantha McCoach’s Scottish heritage. Using small-scale manufacturers from across the UK, Le Kilt aims to act as a proponent of sustainability and to introduce traditional craftsmanship to a modern audience.

Founded in 2014, Le Kilt’s began as a single kilt style made by Samantha’s Italian grandmother, a former kilt maker who worked on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile for over 40 years. The importance of family and tradition is something that is integral to the brand, and is something that we continue to recreate through our network of manufacturers, suppliers and collaborators - our ‘Family Tree’. Creating opportunity allows others to grow and therefore for us to work together to safeguard the future of our shared heritage.


Made to order

Le Kilt garments are made to order in the UK. Adhering to sustainable practice, we firmly believe in reducing wastage and encouraging our customers to adopt a personal connection to their purchase by investing in quality over quantity. Our commitment to these principles mean that all garments are handmade using traditional materials. Due to the amount of work that goes into making our products, we advise our customers to expect delivery 7-10 days after placing their order.

We do hold a small amount of stock at our London studio. Please email info@lekilt.co.uk for further information.