Blitz Club Blitz Kids

Blitz Club Blitz Kids


Blitz Club Blitz Kids is a series of images taken in 1980 by the photographer Homer Sykes in the famous London club the Blitz Club.

"In the 1970s Great Britain was still in the midst of an economic crisis, the three-day week had been established and unemployment was growing rapidly. There were many strikes and a galloping inflation.

Steve Strange, a young Welsh entrepreneur, had just arrived in London where he was making a name for himself by organizing concerts for punk bands. Associated with his friend drummer Rusty Eagan, they established themselves as promoters of evenings by instituting the "Nights Bowie" on Tuesday night, in a sordid club located in the basement of a brothel of Soho. In 1979 they had become too big for the place, so they settled on Great Queen Street in Covent Garden, in a shabby wine bar where there were posters of the Second World War and a photo of Premier Winston Churchill . During their weekly evenings on Tuesday, while Rusty was doing the DJ, Steve remained unstoppable at the door and allowed entry only to "strange and wonderful" people. Mick Jagger himself was driven back.

Published by Poursuite 

Text by Homer Sykes

32 pages


English & French

ISBN 978-2-9189609-5-9

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