Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies

Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies


Moving from 1972 right up to the present day, British artist, designer and sometime punk historian Toby Mott chronologically surveys the relationship between punk and sex through original posters, flyers, record covers, photographs and ephemera drawn from the editor’s punk archive, The Mott Collection. 

The publication includes anecdotes, lyrics, manifestos, personal essays and overviews as told by a wide array of contributors – including Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook, VF contributor Vivien Goldman, Eve Libertine of Crass, and writer Will Self.

“The status of punk as a radical subculture meant that it could freely explore sex without mainstream censorship; and this ability to openly express sex and sexuality provided punk with so much of its essential rawness and immediacy."

Published by Dashwood Books

Text by Toby Mott

376 pages



ISBN 978-0-9966574-0-2

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